California Scholarship Foundation

What is CSF?

CSF is a scholastic organization and membership is dependent upon grades and points earned in identified academic classes. CSF accepts applications twice each year. They will be available for the fall semester near the beginning of the school year and the spring semester after final grades have been given. Membership is based on your previous semester’s high school grades. Freshman are not eligible to apply for membership in the fall semester. Applications can be found and submitted online. You must apply each semester in order to maintain membership in the club.

How will I be recognized?

Students who have been a member of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) at least four semesters during grades 10 through 12, including one semester in their senior year, are awarded Gold Seal status at graduation. A gold seal is attached to the student's diploma and notation of this honor is made on the student's permanent transcript. Some universities and colleges recognize Gold Seal Bearers by offering special scholarships to these students.

A Student who earns Gold Sealbearer status and has participated in CSF sponsored activities to earn 40 points will also be awarded a Cord to distinguish them at graduation.

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