Textbook Policy

Textbooks for classes will be electronically checked out to each individual student and will stay attached to that student’s name until the books are returned to the Media Center or paid for. Students must have a current student I.D. card to check out all textbooks - no exceptions!

At the end of the semester or school year, teachers will collect the books and return them to the Media Center.  Returned books are electronically credited to the student who originally checked them out.  If a lost or stolen book has been paid for and then found within a year, a refund will be processed through the Media Center and a check will be mailed to you from the district. 

Guidelines/Fines/Overdue Materials

All textbooks must be covered. No stretchy covers are allowed.

  • Upon check-out, it is the student's responsibility to carefully look through each book for problems, i.e.,writing, missing pages, mildew, water damage, binding damage, etc.  If any problems are noticed upon check-out, the books should immediately be returned to the Media Center to avoid charges when the books are returned at the end of the semester or year. 
  • Any damage done to books while in a locker is the student’s responsibility. Do not share lockers. The lockers are not watertight and during heavy rains the interior of the lockers can become wet.  Books, paper, etc. may become damp.  Books stolen from lockers should be reported to the Campus Supervision Office.  Students are financially responsible for all lost, damaged, or stolen books. 
  • If a student misplaces or loses a textbook, a replacement will be checked out to the student and a charge issued.  If the book is not found by the end of the school year, the book must be paid for.  Students owing fines may have privileges restricted such as yearbook, prom, cap and gown, etc., until all fines are paid in full.