Los Al 4 Life

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LosAl4Life is part of a new behavior paradigm in schools called PBIS.  Its rationale is rooted in the belief that in order to support healthy decision-making in adolescents, the solution is not to "catch" students behaving poorly and then apply consequences for that behavior... rather, schools should highlight positive behavior, and elevate that decision-making so that others emulate and proliferate good choices.

The LosAl4Life framework seeks to accomplish exactly like this.  By incentivizing good behavior (and tying it into the values associated with what our community believes the word "Los Al" represents), teachers are able to reward students in class, and then use the experience of the raffle to keep other students focused on making healthy choices throughout the school year.  It's truly a win-win!

And in a school of 3,200, with a clear emphasis on academics, athletics, activities, and the arts, LosAl4Life provides an additional platform for students to be recognized for no other reason than being an upstanding high school citizen.

All LosAl4Life activities are run through 4th period classes.  Congratulations to all of our winners!