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Principal's Honor Roll Fall 2018-2019
Principal's Honor Roll Spring 2017-2018

Honor Roll Fall 2018-2019
Honor Roll Spring 2017-2018


A student is eligible for the honor roll at Los Alamitos High School if s/he earns at least a 3.0 GPA and the Principal's Honor Roll if s/he earns at least 3.5 GPA. The following criteria are used to determine if a student has satisfied the honor roll requirements:

1) GPA = Total number of grade points divided by number of classes.
      A grade = 4 grade points
      B grade = 3 grade points
      C grade = 2 grade points
      D grade = 1 grade point
      F grade = 0 grade points

2) Students with one or more D or F cannot qualify for the honor roll.

3) Students with more than one U in citizenship or work habits in different classes cannot qualify for the honor roll.