Students will be issued a locker with a LAUSD school-issued blue Master Lock. If you have a previous year’s lock (issued at LAHS, McAuliffe, Oak) you can turn it in at registration.   Lockers will be pre-assigned to you, by computer, prior to registration.  At the end of the school year, students will be responsible for turning in their school-issued Master Lock.  Students who fail to do so will be charged a $10 fine. 

Los Alamitos High School is not responsible for any lost or damaged items in the lockers. They are used at the student's own risk and items should not be left overnight or on weekends. Students are not to change lockers or keep anything of value in their lockers, such as tape recorders, radios, cameras, purses, money, etc. It is imperative that students not share their locker with other students or give their combination to other students.  

Forgotten combinations can be retrieved in the Attendance Office, Main Office or Campus Supervision Office. Locker theft or damage should be reported to the Campus Supervision Office. All lockers, including P.E. lockers, are the property of Los Alamitos High School and the school reserves the right to enter or search school lockers as needed. If any locker is found with a non-school issued lock on it, that lock will be cut off and the contents of the locker will be taken to the Campus Supervision Office.


Locker Number


1 - 426

600's East

427 - 852

600's West

853 - 888

Rm. 152 North

889 - 1085

Rms. 150-153 West

1243 - 1488

Rms. 401-404

1489 - 1728

Rms. 155-157 East

1729 - 1866

Rm. 500 West

1867 - 2229

Rms. 355-359 North

2230 - 2592

Media Center

2599 - 2989

Rms. 650 - 655 East

2992 - 3058

Rm. 622 East

3500 - 3574

Rm. 608 North

3575 - 3628

Rm. 654 North

3797 - 4201

Rm. 300 East

5000 - 5062

Rm. 500 South

5063 - 5095

Rm. 500 East