Off-Campus Lunch Permits

Due to the high incidence of problems involving students who leave campus for lunch and because of their age, general level of maturity and vulnerability, Los Alamitos High School will not issue Off-Campus Lunch Permits to any 9th or 10th grade students. They should bring their lunch to school or purchase their lunch on campus.

No freshmen or sophomores will be issued a lunch permit. Students who are in the 11th or 12th grade, with a signed parent permission form, are eligible to receive an Off-Campus Lunch Permit. The student's identification card will be stamped with this permit. No student will be allowed to go off campus for lunch during the first two weeks of school. The completed Off-Campus Lunch Permit must be on file in the Attendance Office, and the ID card must be stamped before a student may leave campus for lunch. Truancies to any class and violation of codes or regulations will result in revocation or denial of lunch pass permit.

To obtain a permit, a student must do the following:

  • Have a parent or guardian come to the Attendance Office and sign a permission form.

The permit must be in the student's possession when off campus. Anyone found off campus during lunch without a noon permit will be assigned a Saturday School.